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Iris orders do not ship until after June 1,

Thanks so much for making 2022 our best season EVER!

All orders are shipped via United States Postal Service, Priority mail with Tracking Service. Shipping charges are $10.00 for the first plant and $1.00 dollar for each additional plant. We do not ship outside the continental United States.

All plants are shipped bare root in dry packing material. All plants are guaranteed healthy and true to name. Fans / rhizomes will be dug, trimmed, and dried two days before shipping to ensure you receive the freshest plant possible. Live delivery is guaranteed. We begin shipping on April 1st and will ship until September 30th. ((However, we do not recommend shipping Daylilies during the heat of August.)) Daylily prices (except for those marked SF for single fan) are for blooming size double fans. Iris prices are for single rhizomes unless otherwise specified. Some cultivars will sell out as the season progresses. Please check for availability before ordering.

PLEASE NOTE: Spring Iris rhizomes (ones shipped before July) are typically about 1/2 to 1/3 the size of Fall rhizomes (ones shipped after July). With care, Spring rhizomes will grow as large in your garden as they would have in ours. BUT, IF YOU WANT LARGER RHIZOMES, PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST DELIVERY BEFORE JULY! Iris rhizomes are different sizes. Some grow large and others are small. It depends on the cultivar.

A bonus fan / rhizome (my choice) is sent with each shipment. Please let me know before shipping if you would rather not receive a bonus.

Thank You for considering our garden for your Daylily and Iris needs.

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